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"Ignorance is bliss...   the truth can be very f*cking brutal."


Marty Murphy understands truth better than anyone. The protagonist shares his unique perspective in "Truth & Consequence," a graphic novel and comic series about crime, vengeance, friendship, honesty and sacrifice.


"I have always been interested in the truth. What personal experiences hide behind a glance or grin? Are they noble or nefarious? You rely on your instincts to separate fact from fabrication, but the truth itself can be illusive," says Writer/Artist/Creator Nathan Hanley.

"In Marty Murphy, I wanted to create an atypical hero whose ‘power’ was to know the deep truth in others. The trauma that unlocked his ability has caused Marty to be ambitious in his drive for justice but timid in his ability to act. Enlisting Simon, a formidable, simple-minded and often naive partner, brings balance to Marty's mission -- the consequence to his truth."


The inspiration for this candid and intimate story came from films like "My Bodyguard" (1980), the novels of Elmore Leonard and Chuck Palahniuk - and an innumerable list of classic mainstream and independent comics.


"The story is not just about a love between unlikely friends. Loyalty, doubt, revenge, crime, justice... all these things were present in my mind throughout my process of creating Marty and Simon, Marty’s dog Stu, Carlyle Scott and his band of ne’er do wells – the cast that inhabits Truth & Consequence. "




Truth & Consequence

Written and Drawn by Nathan Hanley

Cover by Brad Green

Lettering by Nathan Hanley and Ethan Colchamiro

Suggested for Mature Readers

Published by Mirror Image Entertainment


Truth & Consequence Created by Nathan Hanley

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     The story follows Martin Murphy, the survivor of a mass shooting that claimed the life of his girlfriend Jesse and nine others. A bullet to the head has curiously left Martin (Marty) with the strange ability of knowing the truth about anyone he makes eye contact with. The only explanation he has for his extrasensory perception is that the bullet somehow cleared a view for his “third eye.”

     While Marty tries to cope with grief following the violent death of his girlfriend, he also discovers terrible truths about everyday people.


     Marty makes the decision to try to find Jesse’s killer - and in the process, do something about the free roaming villains he comes across. He decides to dish out his own justice, but his timid nature leads to him seeking help. He finds that in his eventual partner; a simple, strong behemoth named Simon.


     One of the duo’s “cases” leads to crime boss Carlyle Scott, and eventually to the gunman that killed Jesse; but Simon’s inability to know the truth himself tests his loyalty and forces him into the decision of saving his partner’s life, or helping a newfound friend.


     Oh, and Marty’s dog Stu gets mixed up in all of it too...



June 8th, 2024

Antioch, CA.

10 am  - 5 pm

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Screen Shot 2023-11-14 at 6.26.45 PM.png

August 16th - 18th, 2024

San Jose, CA.

2 pm - 8 pm (Fri), 10 am  - 8 pm (Sat)

10 am - 6 pm (Sun)


November 29th - December 1st, 2024

San Francisco, CA.

4 pm - 9 pm (Fri), 10 am  - 7 pm (Sat)

10 am - 5 pm (Sun)



Marty's terrier Stu finds himself stranded after Marty is ambushed and kidnapped. And if that weren't bad enough, Stu stumbles on a pair of lowlifes with a dog fighting racket and bad hygiene. Can Stu help a pack of scruffy mutts while also trying to track down Marty? You'll have to read the 24 pages of canine mayhem in A Stu Story to find out.

Truth & Consequence: A Stu Story (One Shot)

Written and Drawn by Nathan Hanley

Cover by Brad Green

Lettering by Nathan Hanley

Suggested for Mature Readers

Published by Mirror Image Entertainment



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